Account deletion is permanent. It is essential you consider it carefully before deciding to delete your account. If you do your game account, game progress, achievements, inventory items, wallet funds, and other associated information will be deleted permanently and will not be recoverable. Should you decide to return in the future, it will mean starting over again from the first level.

How do I delete my account?
If you don’t want to use your player account anymore, you can delete your account.

  1. Open the game Settings
  2. Tap “Delete Profile” button to open deletion dialogue.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app to delete your account.
  4. Confirm account deletion
  5. Delete the App from your device.

You can also request to delete your account by contacting us on
Please include the App Name and your Account Id into your request.

Can I regain access to my account once it has been deleted?
No, once you deleted the account, neither the account nor any information related to it can be restored.

Will I receive any refunds?
Deleting your account will not automatically refund any purchases made on the account.
You can apply for refunds on qualifying purchases on
Google play store
Apple App Store